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So tonight is the first gig of two this weekend at the Classic Grand in Glasgow and the second in Manchester’s Dry Live. Also the first of many blogs for the tour in April so here goes with this one!

Looking forward to tonight as its the first time playing in Glasgow (ironically- I should just call this blog Virgin Friday). We have played before in Scotland but it was in Edinburgh a few years ago which consisted of three people clapping, one heckler and some bar maid with a beard. Anyway, I digress - tonight I will get to see a band I have heard a lot about supporting us called Sons Of The Stage - not seen much of them but looking forward to watching that! Certainly excited for the Scottish crowd though, as I always hear that they’re the best!

I currently write from the rear of our travel bus…. Sorry, van. Often we refer to the ‘van’ as the tour bus and if anyone actually gets to set eyes on the beauty we usually turn it back on them and say “no,no you heard me wrong I said ‘Tall’ bus not tour bus …”  Currently we are equipped with 8,000 CDS of 60’s Rock & Roll Courtesy of the Menguy that is Louis, so I may burst into a ‘dinner’ style jive while writing this, but you won’t get to see it, unlucky for you! 

Sound check’s at 4pm today, but for anyone that has never had the privilege of working with an unknown sound tech’ it will usually consist of us waiting round for a few hours twiddling with our nobs to be met by a grumpy stoner that hates loud noises with an horrendous collection of 80’s prog rock tunes that no fuckers heard of. But I don’t like to stereotype … Anyway, we need our own sound guy for the tour in April! Fingers crossed with this one tonight! 

I will leave on a positive though, the suns come out so hopefully Scotland will be in the 30’s! …….. Hopefully! 

Chow diggers! X


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